Addressing Modes

There are Seven types of Addressing Modes:

  1. Immediate Addressing Mode: Dest is Register and Source is element.
  2. Register Addressing Mode: All Dest and Source are Register.
  3. Register Direct Addressing Mode: Relative with Memory Off Set Address(0000-FFFF) which use in by into Statement.
  4. Register Indirect Addressing Mode: Similar to Register Direct but Offset Address is stored in 16_bit Register which is role as Pointer(DI, Si….).
  5. Indexed Relative Address Mode: Indexed Register store Offset Address in Data Segment and Extra Segment and add by Displementor.
  6. Based Relative Addressing Mode: Based Registers BX, BP store Offset Address of Data Segment and Stuck Segment and include by Displementor.
  7. Based Index Relative Addressing Mode: Use Pointer as Register in type of Indexed Register and Based Register and add by Displementor.

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